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Supply Chain Management

4.2 rating
4.2 (5)
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30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Learning Method


Course Length

1.5 hours

Number of Modules






Certificate Awarded


Course introduction:

This course has been carefully designed to help you better understand supply chain management. Research has consistently demonstrated that when clear goals are associated with learning, it occurs more easily and rapidly. With that in mind, let’s review our goals for today. At the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • Identify how supply chain management relates to: customer satisfaction, improving performance, lowering costs, product development.
  • Define the terms: procurement, upstream and downstream, raw material, forecasting, carrying cost, inventory, order generation, order taking, order fulfillment, and returns management.
  • Understand the levels of supply chain management and their effects: strategic, tactical, and operational.
  • Comprehend the flows of supply chain management and data warehouses: product flow, information flow, and finances flow.
  • Take a look at inventory management
  • Study supply chain groups
  • Review tracking and monitoring methods
  • Examine supply chain event management
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Course content:

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Identifying Harassment
  • Lowering Costs
  • Product Development
  • Case Study
  • Assessment
  • Procurement
  • Upstream and Downstream
  • Raw Material
  • Forecasting
  • Carrying Cost
  • Case Study
  • Assessment
  • Inventory
  • Order Generation
  • Order Taking
  • Order Fulfillment
  • Returns Management
  • Case Study
  • Assessment
  • Strategic Level
  • Tactical Level
  • Operational Level
  • Bullwhip Effect
  • Case Study
  • Assessment
  • Plan
  • Source
  • Make
  • Deliver
  • Return
  • Case Study
  • Assessment
  • The Product Flow
  • The Information Flow
  • The Finances Flow
  • Data Warehouses
  • Case Study
  • Assessment
  • Levels of Inventory
  • Just-In-Time Inventory
  • Common Scenarios
  • Inventory Calculator
  • Case Study
  • Assessment
  • The Suppliers
  • The Producers
  • The Customers
  • The Customer’s Customers
  • Case Study
  • Assessment
  • Dashboard
  • RFID’s
  • Alert Generation
  • Stock Keeping Unit (SKU)
  • Case Study
  • Assessment
  • Inventory Alerts
  • Supplier Alerts
  • Bottlenecking
  • Being Proactive
  • Case Study
  • Assessment

The 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee is our way of ensuring your complete satisfaction with our courses. If you are not satisfied with our courses, let us know within 30 calendar days of purchase, and we will give you a full refund. No questions asked!

Course Rating

4.2 rating
4.2 (5)
Very good80%

Student Feedback

No Title

5.0 rating
4 months ago

Great course. The case scenarios are helpful and the questions are OK. Recommended for professionals and leaders wanting to advance their career.


No Title

4.0 rating
4 months ago

Excellent learning experience. I recommend it for others wanting to add to their skills and move up in their career. Certainly worth the $$!


No Title

4.0 rating
4 months ago

Excellent course. The information is well-researched and structured into modules quite well. You can pause the course and resume later. That certainly helped me. The narration is a plus! I recommend it.


No Title

4.0 rating
11 months ago

Great course. Worth every penny. Could have been a bit longer but the length is OK. Thanks.


No Title

4.0 rating
20 months ago

Good course with rich and up-to-date content. Compared to other websites such as udemy and coursera, you get more value here specially if you have a coupon as well. Recommended!


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